The pages on this sub-menu provide some information about topics of interest including:

  • Issues with the NPPF
    The main areas where we believe that change to the planning system would be helpful now or early in the life of the new government, 1 Sept 2014
  • Sustainability
    Although “sustainability” is held to be an important part of the NPPF, the “golden thread of presumption in favour of sustainable development” is routinely interpreted without any real consideration of “sustainability”. The balance between the arguments about the relative importance of the different aspects of this complex subject is not right. In trying to solve housing supply issues, economic factors are out-weighing all other considerations and there is little thought or value given to preservation and conservation for the future. We need to ensure that the definition of sustainability is agreed, clearly understood and enforced on every development.
  • Weaknesses in Housing Policy
    This policy, under successive governments, has not only failed to deliver increased housing supply but has failed to prevent the number of housing completions declining to even less than that of 2004, while house prices have correspondingly become even less affordable
  • Effects of the Budget 2014
    A summary of the effects of the budget on House Building
  • Comments on the NPPG
    Comments from one of our groups on the NPPG issued in March 2014

More to come…

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