Member List

Addingham Civic Society
– The Addingham Civic Society has a number of aims and objectives, on the ‘planning front’ specifically: ‘To promote high standards of planning and the preservation and conservation of local green environments’.

Addingham Planning Scrutiny Group
– The Addingham Planning Scrutiny Group is an informal group of private individuals, aiming to secure high standards of planning and architecture in the area, and the preservation, conservation, development, and improvement of features of historic or public interest.

Against the Gateway
– The Coventry & Warwickshire Gateway proposal is threatening to engulf the villages of Baginton and Bubbenhall. If planning permission is granted in December 2012 a massive 740 acres of green belt land around the airport will be turned into a huge logistics and technology park. The Government rejected an Application to make the proposed development an Enterprise Zone. Nevertheless, the Local Enterprise Partnership backs the development. Its Chairman is Sir Peter Rigby, whose company Rigby Holdings Limited has a 50% interest in the joint venture which has applied for Planning Permission, and both Coventry City Council and Warwick District Council are members of it.

Alsager Residents Action Group (ARAG)
– We are a residents action group in Alsager, South Cheshire East, with 3,000 members.
We are fighting for sensible, coherent planned development, with an emphasis on appropriate Brownfield development before Greenfield development and in particular we try to resist intrusion into open countryside. We feel we have been let down at every level in our local set of difficulties.

Amber Valley SOS
– trying to stop the destruction of the green fields, wildlife, countryside and way of life in our beautiful Amber Valley

Anstey Residents Group
– Anstey Residents Group was originally set up to protect a sports ground (allegedly ‘protected’ by a 85yr old covenant) from being developed but now morphed into a forum for all Alton’s residents to articulate concerns about planning and inappropriate development.

Aylestone & Lugg Meadows Association (ALMA)
– ALMA was set up to help stop a housing development next to a SSSI meadow in Hereford and protect a valuable field which is used by protected species and is a valuable wildlife resource when the Lugg Meadows flood each year.
We have an on-line petition at

BANDAG – Keighley
– pressing for a SUSTAINABLE Local Development Plan.

Barn Lane Action Group
opposing a proposed development of 136 houses on unspoilt countryside outside of the settlement boundary in Four Marks, Hampshire .

BRAiD (Baildon Residents Against inappropriate Development)
– We are located in Baildon, just north of Shipley. Our aim is to stop Bradford Council allowing greedy developers to build on green fields, especially since Bradford is awash with derelict brownfields.

Bartestree & Lugwardine Parish Action Group
– Our group represents a large number of people in the Parish of Bartestree and Lugwardine in rural Herefordshire some 4 miles to the east of Hereford.
The parish has been identified in the Herefordshire Local Plan (not yet ratified) as needing to identify 118 new homes on top of the current count of around 650 by year 2031. With organic and sustainable growth this would equate to about 7 homes per year. Our group formed when we began to hear of planning applications on local sites for large numbers of homes.

Berry Hill Action Group
– We are fighting an ongoing campaign to stop Gladman developments from developing a local site. We also inform our members of other local issues such as the local plans and planning applications within the Berry Hill area.

Bewdley says No to Gladman
– We are a group of local residents dedicated to stopping Gladman Developments plan to impose an inappropriate and unwanted development of 200 houses onto the beautiful and unique Georgian town of Bewdley by the River Severn.

Brent Cross Coalition
– The Coalition for a Sustainable Brent Cross was formed to oppose the worst excesses of the Brent Cross ‘Regeneration’ plan, which includes the loss of several green space areas, despite the addition of 7,500 residential units.

Burgess Hill Action Group
– Our Mission is to stop the over-development of Burgess Hill and its immediate surrounding areas by ensuring that there is a fair allocation of housing that is properly planned and to campaign to save 115 hectares of open countryside.

Burscough Action Group
– Burscough Action Group has been formed to ensure that the opinions of Burscough people are heard by WLBC in preparing its Local Plan. The plan proposes 1000 houses and industrial units on green belt at Yew Tree Farm on Higgins Lane joining the village to the industrial estate and to the hamlet of New Lane. The site is half the size of Burscough (area outlined in red). A further 350 houses will be built around Burscough (where is not yet specified) and 250 South of Burscough on green belt at Grove Farm, closing the gap between Burscough and the town of Ormskirk. The proposal includes provision to build 60 houses on green belt at Red Cat Lane. All in addition to approved ongoing developments.

Campaign Against Gladman in Eye & Dunsden (CAGE)
– Campaigning against 245 unsustainable Gladman houses next to the AONB in South Oxfordshire.

CAVAA – Cotswolds and Vale Action Alliance
– Contrary to critics of NIMBYism, the Cotswolds and the surrounding areas are not just an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty to be enjoyed by the select and well-heeled few; it is a vital and historic area grappling, along with the rest of the country, with how to survive over-population and over-development. This area has appropriate places for building and it must be the local authorities who make the vital decisions where this building and housing can be supported.

Cheadle Unite
Cheadle Unite aims to:
– Reduce our housing allocation by 1/3rd to 880 properties
– Protect Green Fields around Cheadle
– Promote re-development of brown-field and derelict sites in the Potteries
– Work to a sustainable future (no more so called ‘growth’ to achieve sustainability – the two are a contradiction)

Clitheroe Residents Action Group (CRAG)
Clitheroe Residents Action Group (CRAG) aims to preserve the visual beauty and unique landscape value of our area. Housing applications for Clitheroe are coming in thick and fast. We want the council to distribute these houses fairly. The population of Clitheroe makes up 25% of the total Ribble Valley population and therefore it is unfair that Clitheroe should be expected to accept more than 25% of any new housing developments.

Community Association for the Protection of Wrea Green (CAPOW)
Our focus is to try and prevent unwarranted, unneeded and unsustainable growth in our Village and provide support for other local Villages in the same respect.
In the event of approvals (usually via Appeal Inspectors) we then look at the application of Reserved matters to obtain the best Planning Conditions to protect existing residents during construction and after completion. We also monitor compliance with the accumuated planning conditions. A monthly Update is provided for the information of residents, the Press, CPRE, Councillors and our MP.

Cornwall For Change
Cornwall For Change represents 70 parish councils in Cornwall. Cornwall Council put forward 48,500 houses the Inspector has increased this figure to
52,500 even before hearing of the constraints that we face in Cornwall. The Inspector needs reminding that people live in houses and expect services – sadly the services are now being drastically reduced by the Cornwall Council due to cuts in Government grants.

Dane Bank Green Space
In December 2014 Tameside Council published its Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment which identifies sites across the Borough considered suitable for housing development. The Windsor Road fields in Dane Bank, Denton are listed in this document with potential for 200 new houses on a six hectare site to be developed in the next five years. The land is currently designated as `protected green space`.
At the same time, the Council is seeking to sell many of its land and property assets to fund and maintain local services. Early in 2016 they were approached by a housing developer (Wainhomes) wishing to purchase the Windsor Road fields.
The Council and Wainhomes have jointly funded a planning exercise to redesign the area to accommodate housing development and this plan will be presented to local stakeholders for consultation purposes, probably early in 2017. All the land remains in Council ownership and the study area includes stables and grazing fields, three sports clubs (cricket, football and angling) as well as Granada Park and Dane Bank school.
Also, the Council is currently refusing to renew or extend the leases of the organisations operating within the study area. This uncertainty is impacting on their forward planning and constraining their bids for external funding to improve facilities. The DBGS group came together in June 2016 and held a public meeting early the following month attended by local residents and representatives from the Cricket, Football and Angling Clubs. Many local concerns were raised and there was strong vocal opposition to the housing proposal. Shortly afterwards the DBGS Residents Committee was established to raise awareness, challenge the Council`s plans and influence the final outcome.
The Committee is strongly opposed to housing development on land that is regarded as valuable amenity open space and is determined to work with residents of Dane Bank and other stakeholders that will be adversely affected by the proposal.
We believe that the Council is moving in one direction seeking to acquire current leases and working with Wainhomes to develop new housing on land currently designated as protected open space. As residents of the area and users of this space we are determined to have a say in its future. Working with the community, the Committee is looking to develop an alternative vision for future use of this space.
The Committee also believes that the Dane Bank estate is fully developed and does not have the capacity to accommodate additional housing. Other sites in Denton and across Tameside are much better placed to meet the housing development targets set for Greater Manchester.

Deddington Development Watch
Deddington Development Watch was formed in January 2013 to encourage growth and sustainable development consistent with the emerging Cherwell local plan and to discourage inappropriate unsustainable development. Developers own, or have options over, some 16 greenfield sites on all sides of the village with the capacity to build over 1,000 dwellings. Deddington is particularly vulnerable to opportunistic planning applications because Cherwell District Council lacks a 5-year housing land supply and does not have an up-to-date Local Plan.

Defend North Devon (DEFEND)
– Our mission is ‘to protect North Devon from speculative development and develop a strategy for appropriate economic growth’. DEFEND North Devon was formed by representatives from Bickington, Pilton, Chivenor, Yelland, Barnstaple (Gorwell and Goodleigh Road), Bishop’s Tawton and Westward Ho! groups, plus the Larkbear Action Group and Torridge CPRE. It is aiming to include all the groups now addressing development proposals across the North Devon and Torridge districts, as well as other members of the public with an interest in the long-term planning issues of the area.

East Devon Alliance
– This new non-political-party-organisation unites and supports pressure groups from the seven towns and many villages throughout the District, who have major concerns about what EDDC Leader, Paul Diviani, himself calls the “democratic deficit”.

– We are F.R.A.G.O.F.F. which stands for Formby Residents Action Group Opposition From Formby.
We were formed when the Coalition Government Policy of building on green belt reached the suburban village of Formby Merseyside.
We demand that the status of green belt land be given the greatest protection possible from building developers in the spirit of the founding principles of the green belt concept.
We shall actively and openly support all other Action Groups campaigning against proposed development on green belt land as a neighbourly and collaborative organisation.
We are committed to involving and engaging with local residents.

Friends of Manning’s Pit
The Friends of Manning’s Pit Group has been set up to save a much loved local beauty spot in North Devon, adjoining villages of Pilton and Bradiford and town of Barnstaple.

Future Horsham
The aim of Future Horsham is to ensure that our district is a place where people and communities come first; A place where character, appeal and viability of our settlements, surrounding countryside and environment are protected and enhanced; and where economic benefit is evenly spread across the whole district. A place fairly, sensibly and openly governed and planned.
We are in the final consultation concerning a significant build on the greenfields North of Horsham, the Strategic Gap between Horsham and Crawley.

Gnosall Resists Indiscriminate Development (GRID)
– Gnosall is a village in West Staffordshire and GRID was formed in June 2013 so that residents could have a voice in the housing development process. Its aims are to keep residents informed of housing developments (we are threatened with 500 to 600 new houses) and to give them the opportunity to make a meaningful and considered response as to what housing is required and where it should be located. In the process we are trying to stop greedy developers from destroying good agricultural fields, and to protect wildlife and the countryside surrounding our village.

Grange-over-Sands & District Action Group (GADAG, South Cumbria)
– GADAG supports:

  • Safeguarding our Victorian/Edwardian heritage by incremental sustainable development that recognises the importance of tourism to Grange-over-Sands’ fragile economy.
  • Major improvements to infrastructure problems such as the inadequate Cartmel peninsula road system and
    the already inadequate combined sewer system before any major building projects are permitted in Grange-over-Sands area.
  • The development of brown field sites first.
  • The need for Grange-over-Sands, Kents Bank, Cartmel, Cark and Flookburgh to continue as separate communities with their distinctive heritages.

– GADAG opposes:

  • Proposed developments that are detrimental to Grange-over-Sands’ appeal as a Victorian coastal town and tourist destination
  • Any development that increases coalescence between: Grange-over-Sands and Kents Bank and
    Kents Bank and Allithwaite.
  • SLDC’s intention to allow building on land that was previously protected as an Important Open Space, especially where it is in a Conservation Area or will increase coalescence between Grange-over-Sands and local villages.

Guildford Greenbelt Group (GGG)
Supporters have come together across the borough of Guildford to support our 5 key objectives:
– Brownfield land should be used for building before any green fields
– Housing numbers must reflect real local need, not developers’ wishes
– Existing legal protection for the Green Belt and the AONB should stand
– Green fields matter – they are not just building land
– The Metropolitan Green Belt is for the benefit of all.
Members include Save Hog’s Back, Normandy Action Group, Bookham and Effingham Together Hands off the Greenbelt, Keep the Horsleys in the Green Belt, Save Send, The Clandon Society, Fairlands Action Group, Wisley Airfield Action Group, Save Shere, Gomshall and Abinger, The Ripley Society, Shalford Conservation Society, and many other community groups and residents’ associations, and some parish councils, in the borough of Guildford – about 22 “corporate” members (ie groups) plus individual members.

HOOS – Hands of our Sandbach
The HOOS action groups:
•   Hind Heath Road Action Group
•   Elworth Hall Farm Action Group
•   Save our Sandbach Action Group – (Hassall Road)
•   Middlewich Road Site Access Action Group – (Demolition to create new junction and development on Abbeyfields)
•   No2ParkingCharges Action Group
•   Stop Old Mill Quarter Action Group
•   Congleton Road Action Group
•   Dingle Farm Action Group
•   Waterworks House Action Group

Hands Off Danbury
We are fighting several unsustainable developments in our village.

Keep It Green 2014
We are concerned about the potential development of this part of the green belt and the balance in favour of developers.

Kidlington Development Watch
“Kidlington Development Watch” is group of residents who have become increasingly alarmed about the many proposed developments in and around Kidlington which could fundamentally change its character. We reject the undemocratic process by which local councils have been forced to adopt excessive housing numbers in response to the over-optimistic aspirations of the unelected local economic partnership. We are particularly concerned to resist any attempts to take land out of the Oxford Green Belt which surrounds Kidlington.

Kirklees Community Action Network (KCAN)
KCAN is a network of 20+ local action groups in Kirklees, West Yorkshire. We’ve been around for over five years now and in that time have forged strong working alliances with like-minded groups in other parts of West and North Yorkshire. Together with WARD (Wharfedale and Airedale Review Development) and the West Yorkshire branch of CPRE we are founder members of Yorkshire Green Space Alliance, which we hope will eventually draw in other groups from North, East and South Yorkshire.

Langley Burrell Residents Association 
We are a small Village on the boundaries of Chippenham Wilts. We are at present looking at about 1200 house being built in and on the border of our Parish. Robert Hitchins are about to submit a planning application in our Parish for 500 houses. We oppose this plus other developments but not reasonable development and therefore are in the early stages of developing our neighbourhood plan with the Parish Council.
Website under development

Ledsham & Manor Action Group (LAMAG)
– We aim to support & collectively represent residents in their clearly expressed wish to oppose development on the site south of Ledsham Road. The Action Group also aims to become the local focus for the future neighbourhood planning regime envisaged by the National Planning Policy Framework. In this way we hope to ensure that local people have the most effective voice possible in formulating our part of the Local Development Framework being developed by Cheshire West and Chester Council.

Lydiard Fields Action Group (LFAG)
– We are dedicated to stopping developers building houses that will change the character of Lydiard Country Park.

Love Braunton
– Love Braunton is a group of local residents whose intention is to oppose inappropriate and unsustainable development (including at South Park, Braunton)and to engage the local community to promote a sustainable social, environmental and economic future for Braunton through the Braunton Neighbourhood Plan.

Morpeth North Residents Action Group
Morpeth North Residents Action Group (MNRAG) are opposing a development on green land that the local council has marked as safeguarded but where there is a gap in the coverage from the local Core Strategy.

Moulton Residents Group
Dedicated to preserving the quality of village life in Moulton, Cheshire by fighting unsustainable development of our countryside.

New Allington Action Group – New Allington Action Group (Naags) have been campaigning for over a year because a total of 3 separate planning applications have been made by Croudace Developers within 12months for 500 houses on a greenfield site and ancient woodland. Maidstone Borough Council refused one of them which Croudace are presently appealing. Several applications have been made by Croudace to develop ‘Land East of Hermitage Lane’ for many years.

Normandy Action Group – We have acted for 10 years to inform residents independently of the information they need to resist traveller pitches, control waste processing operations, question O Licences, pursue HGV weight restrictions on Class C & D roads, prevent excessive development in the Green Belt and within the 5km protection zone of the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area.

Northern Arc Action Group (NARCAG)
Three local residents’ groups are united in calling on Bracknell Forest Council not to adopt the SADPD ‘Preferred Option’ in its present form which they believe would cause significant and permanent damage to the borough’s countryside and villages, and degrade the quality of living space for its inhabitants. Quality of countryside is a major factor for many new residents being attracted to the borough.

The Norton St. Philip Pitchfork Housing Rebellion
– This is a call to arms. We are just normal people who are being trampled upon by money and power grabbing developers who expect us to accept the disproportionate expansion and development of our village, one of the most beautiful villages not only in Somerset but in the UK. We are at the very heart of the English Nation, near the site that Alfred the Great at last beat the Danes. We find ourselves again under attack from a government and those who seek to profit at the expense of the environment and the inhabitants of this village.

Our Cornwall
– We believe that 47,500 houses (or five Truros) in 20 years is too many. Unsustainable building and endless population growth is not the answer. Developer-led planning is not solving our housing crisis and has to be replaced by democratic community-led planning. Begin the fight back. Cornwall deserves something better.

Oxford Green Belt Network
Dating from 1997, we work with parish councils and like-minded amenity groups to protect the Oxford Green Belt from inappropriate forms of development and to make its benefits more widely known.

Pan-Camden HS2 Alliance
The group’s aim is to comprehensively examine the underlying environmental, practical and business arguments put forward by HS2 Ltd for its choice of route and their justifications for spending £32 billion.

Panshanger People
– We are challenging our boroughs local plan proposal to build 700 homes on greenfield space and a grass airstrip in Welwyn Garden City.

Pilton Residents Group
– We are fighting the proposal of six developments – 623 houses – in the old part of the town where there are NO plans for revised infrastructure to alleviate the ‘severe’ problems with traffic.

Preserve Bow Brickhill
– Preserve Bow Brickhill has been working since 2000 to defend the village from inappropriate or unwelcome development.

Protect Congleton
– Protect Congleton – Civic Society provides a forum for residents of Congleton and the surrounding areas to unite together in support of strategic development that benefits the community, the rural environment and our way of life.

Protect Frome Valley
Fighting to prevent the erection of 12 luxury houses on green open space that is designated in Bristol’s planning policies as ‘Important Open Space’, ‘Historic Park & Garden’ ‘Wildlife Corridor’ and which sits wholly within a Conservation Area. The Frome Valley extends a ribbon of countryside down into the very heart of Bristol and is home to a number of Protected Species, including kingfishers and otters. The proposed development is completely inappropriate for the setting.

Protect Stapeley
– Protect Stapeley is a campaign group located in Nantwich, Cheshire. Our mission is to protect the historic town of Nantwich, especially the area to the south of the town known as Stapeley.
We have just completed a public enquiry in to an application from Muller Property who wants to build 189 house (Phase 1 of a 1,100 house development), on a green field site in Stapeley. Another development of 1,100 houses to the north of the town has recently been approved. We are under siege!

Rainhill Save Our Greenbelt (RAINHILLSOGB)
We are a community group fighting to save three sites of green belt land in Rainhill that is under threat of development under the St Helens Local Plan. The sites they want to build thousands of homes on are Eccleston Park Golf Club, Eltonhead Road (Hanging Bridge Farm) and Land at Mill Lane.

Rawdon Greenbelt Action Group (RGAG)
Rawdon Greenbelt Action Group is a committee of local people eager to retain the special character of Rawdon and Cragg Wood, and will be opposing ANY development to the greenbelt (or that greenbelt which has recently become re-designated as PAS) that is within the boundaries of Rawdon, including Cragg Wood Conservation Area. Further overdevelopment in Aireborough is unsustainable – the infrastructure cannot support it and there are no plans to improve it.
Rawdon Greenbelt Action Group (Facebook)

Residents against the Florida Farm Development
A developer by the name of Bericote has applied for planning permission to build 1.4 million square feet of warehousing in Greenbelt land at Florida Farm North, Haydock, St Helens. The development is in close proximity to several hundred residential properties and will take its acces from the A580 East Lancashire Road, an already heavily congested and highly polluted highway. The site rises by some 20 metres to the A58 and the elevated position gives views out over the Cheshire Plain and the Welsh mountains. The largest of the proposed warehouses will hold 20 football pitches and will have a height in excess of 70 feet. This is a speculative build because at the present there is no end user.

Residents of Wilmslow (RoW)
– Residents of Wilmslow (RoW) is a amalgamation of various action groups around the town of Wilmslow in Cheshire, which came together in early 2012 to fight Cheshire East Council’s plans to destroy large tracts of our GREEN BELT, and that of our neighbour area of Handforth.
Now that the Local Plan is in its final stage of being ratified by the Council, and after finding that our Council leadership and officers have not taken into account any suggestions we have made to save our Green Belt over the past two years, we feel concerted pressure must be brought to bear on both the Council and government.

Rural Oxfordshire Action Rally (ROAR)
– Rural Oxfordshire Action Rally is an independent group of residents and action groups who want their views on unsustainable development to be heard loud and clear. ROAR presents a united front opposed to the senseless concreting over of green fields surrounding our towns, villages and hamlets in the name of economic progress.
As a result of government policy, planning has become hijacked by developers motivated by profit, not by the best interest of local communities. So-called “sustainable development”, as enshrined in the NPPF, has created open season for speculative developers to target greenfield sites on an excessive scale and in inappropriate locations. Local authorities which can not demonstrate 5 years’ housing land supply are now vulnerable to having planning application refusals overturned at appeal based only on an untested and presumptive economic need, completely ignoring the social, infrastructure and environmental impacts.
This is NOT sustainable development and this is NOT localism.
roartoday (Facebook)

Sandbach Heath Neighbourhood Forum
– Sandbach Heath Neighbourhood Forum was initially created to oppose unsustainable and unnecessary housing development. Whilst we continue with this we also campaign for improvements in our community, for example, infrastructure, jobs and recreational space, as well as campaigning for the development of a Neighbourhood Plan for our town.

Sandgate Residents Action Group
This is an Action Group concerned about the inappropriate development of 156 houses off Sandgate Drive, Kippax and the Planning Inquiry in July 2016

Save Bampton’s Future
Save Bampton’s Future has been founded by a group of concerned residents to campaign against large scale developments in the village of Bampton, Oxfordshire. Our aim is not oppose all new housing but stop the imposition of inappropriate developments – specifically those proposed for Aston Road and New Road

Save Brockworth Green Belt
– We want to preserve and protect this special landscape and save it for future generations. We need to balance the need for new homes with the need to conserve the landscape.

Save Cobham Green Belt
A large Action Team of concerned Residents against Elmbridge Borough’s Councils proposal to build over 9,000 social, affordable, gypsy and traveller sites on three sites near to and within the village of Cobham in Surrey.

Save Gloucestershire Green Belt
– We are against the proposed development of the green belt in Gloucestershire under the Joint Core Strategy which was formed to produce a co-ordinated strategic development between Cheltenham, Gloucester and Tewkesbury councils. Currently they are planning to build over 33,000 homes with the majority of these on the green belt!

Save Great Doddington Village
– The main aim of SGDV is to fight any development which threatens the sustainability and character/appearance of the village.

Save Greater Manchester’s Greenbelt
– A collective group of greenbelt groups from across 10 boroughs of the Greater Manchester Area dedicated to saving greenbelt and greenspace’s and promoting sustainable brownfield development. The group was formed in response the The Greater Manchester Spatial Framework.

Save Hog’s Back
– Save Hogs Back was set up to protect the iconic chalk ridge (known as the Hogs Back), which links Guildford to Farnham, from inappropriate development. The University of Surrey is pushing for its land on the northern slopes of the ridge to be the site of a 3,000 home new town.

Save Irchester Village – Save Irchester Village are concerned with maintaining Irchester as a thriving village, protecting our village boundary and our local environment and infrastructure. We are opposed to all development which extends our village boundary. All political parties agreed on this at the last election.

Save Mirfield – Save Mirfield is a residential group preventing the overdevelopment of Mirfield. They are not against all development (and have strictly no political affiliation) but because Kirklees has no Local Plan in place- along with hundreds of other councils- they are vulnerable to unsustainable developments.

Save Morpeth
Morpeth North Residents Action Group (MNRAG) are opposing a development on green land that the local council has marked as safeguarded but where there is a gap in the coverage from the local Core Strategy.

Save Our Green Belt
– The Dinnington & Anston Action Group are members of the local community who are strongly against plans to build on Greenbelt land.

Save Our Green Spaces
– Save Our Green Spaces is an alliance of local campaigns and organisations, as well as national ones, who have come together to make the most effective use of resources across the South West to fight the RSS and inappropriate building on green spaces. We aim to protect the environment of the countryside, and preserve green spaces for everyone.

Save Our Green Spaces Liverpool
– Save Our Green Spaces Liverpool (SOGS) is an umbrella organisation for all the green space groups fighting developer & council led building on green spaces in Liverpool.
Together the Save Our Green Spaces Groups back each other through SOGS Liverpool so where there is 1 there are many, sharing of expertise, experiences, creating joint demonstrations and cost effective solutions to avoid development on Green Spaces. Working together whilst also retaining each groups individual focus is our remit because ALL Green Space Groups have there own reasons for saving their Green Spaces but we ALL have the responsibility to back any Group trying to Save Green Spaces!
We don’t believe we are NIMBYS we believe we are ABOS = Alternative Building Opportunity Supporters. We are not against building we are against building on OUR Green Spaces! We encourage anyone to do what we are doing in Liverpool to save their Green Spaces for future generations because as we say ‘When it’s gone, it’s gone for good’.

Save Our Sculthorpe
We are trying to prevent our small rural village from being doubled in size by developers. If they get their way they will build 200 houses, primary school and split the village in half with a new spine road, all this is planned for a 50 acre field which gives our village its green heart.

Save Our Sidmouth
– Our main objective is to ensure that East Devon District Council (EDDC) takes into account the wishes and comments of civic groups and the residents of the town in the preparation of the EDDC Local Development Plan. Existing natural resources (e.g. agricultural land, and dark skies) are vital assets now and for future generations.
It also has a SIN blog

Save Parlington Action Group
– We formed in October 2016 to campaign against the proposal to allocate the Parlington Estate for mixed use, including up to 5,000 houses. Parlington was formerly an estate owned by the Gascoigne family for 500 years and is still largely unchanged.The local authority is Leeds City Council. The present owners are an international investment company who are also promoting and developing the proposed site.


Save Slate Meadow
– Slate Meadow is a local meadow consisting of 1/3 village green and 2/3 field, floodplain and a habitat including rare breeds of fauna and flora. It has been included in the Wycombe District Council Local Plan and ear-marked for development.

Save Shere, Gomshall and Abinger
– Fighting to save the green belt protection of Shere, Gomshall and Abinger.
“This land is yours, and you can make it what you will. If you want to ruin our Surrey fields and woodlands it is easy to do, very easy, and if you want to save them they can be saved. Look into your hearts and look into the past, and remember that all this beauty is a gift which you can never replace, which no money can buy, which no cleverness can refashion. You can make a town, you can make a desert, you can even make a garden; but you can never, never make the country, because it was made by Time”.
EM Forster – “The Abinger Pageant” (1934)

Save The Bell Greenbelt from Development
– We are fighting a proposal for a road, industrial units and 170 homes on greenbelt land.

Save The Countryside
– We are a group of Cheltenham residents who were alarmed by the settlement of 4850 houses planned to be built to the North-West of Cheltenham on greenbelt land between Swindon Village and Elmstone Hardwick. The Government plans an unprecedented rate of growth for the area aiming to build these houses by 2016. We believe these projections are based on a deeply flawed model of the numbers required.

Save Wealden from Overdevelopment Team (SWOT)
– SWOT consists of action group residents across Wealden’s towns and villages. Our objective is to challenge Wealden District Council’s emerging Local Plan proposals and to ensure the right developments are built in the right places.

Say NO to Tesco
– We are opposed to having a fourth supermarket in Bude.

SHAPE – Sensible Housing And Plans for Ettington
The group has formed in response to a proposal from developer Charles Church to build a suburban housing estate of up to 88 homes in open countryside off Rogers Lane, Ettington. This ill-considered scheme is driven by profits, not local housing need.

Slad Valley Action Group
– We are a group of local people who have come together because we believe Baxter’s Fields should remain fields – they are an essential green space for Stroud, and form part of the setting of the beautiful AONB -it is wrong to build on them simply because it is easer to build on greenfield land than brownfield sites. It is right to build new homes for Stroud but they should be insustainable locations, not places like Baxter’s fields which make the developers the biggest profits.

SNUB – Stop Norwich Urbanisation
We are a campaign group based in Norfolk who are campaigning against the urbanisation of Norwich and the encroachment close to the Norfolk Broads. The plans are contained in a Joint Core Strategy that calls for 36k houses however SNUB have successfully challenged this strategy in the High Court which has delayed the process so much that we are now hopeful that the whole thing will be cancelled.

S.O.U.L. – Save St Austells
– Enough is enough. Those things that make Cornwall special – its heritage, its culture, its landscape, its biodiversity – are placed under serious threat. St Austell has a 5 year supply of land. Wainhomes application is based on Cornwall Council’s land supply – the inference being that because Truro has a shortage of housing, a greenfield site in St Austell should be developed. Councillors must think again before the damaging effects of excessive population and housing growth are felt across Cornwall. We need an alternative to the outdated and damaging policy of population-led growth.

The Society for the Protection of Bampton
Save Bampton’s Future has been founded by a group of concerned residents to campaign against large scale developments in the village of Bampton, Oxfordshire. Our aim is not oppose all new housing but stop the imposition of inappropriate developments – specifically those proposed for Aston Road and New Road

SOS Camden
– Camden faces a ‘decade of destruction’ if HS2 goes ahead as currently proposed.

Stop Allaston Development
Stop Allaston Development was established to protect Lydney by fighting planning permission on agricultural land outside the building line in Lydney Forest of Dean. We are also trying to protect Lydney from overdevelopment which would place enormous pressure on the existing infrastructure. Our roads, schooling, police and health services are under enormous pressure already, we believe that another 200 dwellings in addition to what is already planned is excessive.

Stop HS2
– Stop HS2 is the national grassroots campaign against HS2, the proposed new High Speed Two railway. We formed after several months of studying the HS2 proposals in depth.
Our mission is
– To Stop High Speed Two by persuading the Government to scrap the HS2 proposal.
– To facilitiate local and national campaiging against High Speed Two.

Stop Tetburys Excessive Planning Schemes (S-T-E-P-S)
– STEPS are opposed to excessive building plans in Tetbury, Gloucestershire.

Stowupland Neighbourhood Planning
The Stowupland Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group was set up early in 2015. Following a meeting in the village hall to discuss a proposal for a huge development on land on a greenfield site within the village, it became clear that the community of Stowupland did not want large developers, who knew nothing about our community, muscling in and dumping large estates in our beautiful fields. People put their names down to become volunteers and have since been working toward making it possible for us to take control of what is built where in the future.
The group became a sub-committee of the Finance and Policy committee of the Parish Council in November 2015 following advice from Suffolk Association of Local Councils (SALC).
The group consists of volunteers with differing backgrounds and skills who all live in Stowupland and who give up their time to meet up at least once a month, attend village events and government meetings and produce information to try to make everyone aware of what’s going on and what we can do to keep Stowupland the way we want it.
So, please don’t be too critical of us! We aren’t experts, we are all learning new things and doing our best to help keep Stowupland the way we all want it to be.

Sutton Coldfield Rural
– At the forefront of our organisation is a commitment to ensure continual communication on all things planning and regeneration in Sutton Coldfield. We are continually evolving and developing they way we communicate to residents to ensure they have a say in how their local neighbourhood is shaped over the next 20 years. Founded in 2012, Sutton Coldfield Rural provides a single source for all the latest large-scale planning schemes and regeneration within the ward.

SWORD – Save Weddington: Oppose the Residential Development
– Weddington village – in the past as now – has always been as much about the green spaces in between the buildings as the buildings themselves. Whilst housing development has cut back on this greenery since the start of the twentieth century, this once rural hamlet is fortunate to have retained at least some of its meadows and field land. It is what makes this place such a wonderful place to live and to visit. Do not stand by and let commercial developers take away our quality of life and our green environment. Join us in putting these plans to the SWORD!

Theydon Bois Action Group (TBAG)
Theydon Bois Action Group campaigns locally on issues which affect our village and threaten the Green Belt. We have campaigned on issues affecting Theydon Bois, Epping Forest and have supported communities in other parts of Essex as well as nationally to help halt the methodology of landfill for golf course construction.

Tidenham & Tutshill Action Group (TTAG)
We are a group of residents in the village of Tutshill on the edge of the Forest of Dean and on the border with Wales, trying to protect our village and area from speculative developments that are not sustainable in the village and are beyond the scope of any of the already agreed local plans.

Villages Action Group, VAG
– We are here to encourage informed debate about the proposed large-scale housing development being discussed under the new Draft Local Plan by Arun District Council, within the villages of Aldingbourne, Barnham, Eastergate, Nyton and Westergate.

Wantage and Grove Campaign Group (WaGCG)
We are not against any development in Wantage and Grove but:
– Developments should be proportionate and sustainable
– The infrastructure should enhance and improve quality of life for its residents.
Formed in 2011, is the Uttlesford District independent community group that cares sustainable development, air-quality, traffic reduction, and creating and living in communities with vitality and verve. The group provides a strong voice for the views of residents of the Saffron Walden area have recently won the Essex County Council divisional seat in the May 2013 elections, based on their localism advocacy platform and the desire to create and implement long range strategic plans for the area. enjoys the strong support of professionals in key planning, development, civil engineering, legal, political, commercial and other relevant professions and has recently been accepted by the Saffron Walden Town Council to lead the preparation of a Neighbourhood Plan for the town.

West Heath Action Group (WHAG), Cheshire East
WHAG is fighting to prevent green fields in west of Congleton being given over to speculative housing development outside the Cheshire East Local Plan and which would significantly alter the area, community and landscape across the adjacent countryside to the conservation village of Astbury and the Staffordshire Peaks beyond.

Wharfedale & Airedale Review Development (WARD)
Empowering local communities in Wharfedale and Airedale to shape the places they live.

Wharfedale Alliance for Sound Plans (WASP)
WASP is an informal grouping of individuals and organisations dedicated to the delivery of a set of sound Neighbourhood and Local Plans for Wharfedale.

Windrush Valley Protection Group
Our aims are to protect the Windrush valley from speculative development under the guise of sustainability. We wish to protect this diverse and beautiful landscape for future generations.

Woodstock Action Group (WAG)
The Woodstock Action Group (WAG) was founded in 1998 with the aims of:
a. To conserve the local environment against unnecessary development and to preserve, maintain and enhance the historic character of Woodstock.
b. To support low-cost affordable housing in appropriate areas for local residents.
c. To reject large-scale market housing developments on inappropriate sites such as on the fringes or approaches to Woodstock or Old Woodstock.
d. To support the town’s merchants and commercial enterprises against any intrusions by the major supermarket chains for “out of town” developments.
e. To keep local residents informed and made aware of any proposals for development which might have a negative impact upon Woodstock or Old Woodstock and the well being of its citizens.

Worthing Road, Horsham
We are a group opposing the relocation of the Horsham Football Club to our historic park, Denne Park created in 1604.

Yelland Action Group
Currently, “Save Our Estuary” and also to try to stop all unsustainable housing developments and particularly development of Yelland Asbestos Site. We are mainly concerned with all threats to our wildlife.

Yorkshire Green Space Alliance (YAG)
Preserving the green spaces of the county. Brownfield sites before Green.

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