NPPF not working

We want the government and other political groups to:

  1. Understand that the NPPF may not be working in the anticipated way. In particular, that the local voice is not being heard and that this is a cause of resentment, especially in rural communities.
  2. Recognise that there are serious short-comings to the definition of “sustainability” in current use and amend the NPPF and the guidance accordingly to give greater weight to heritage, ecology, transport and culture.
  3. Do more to ensure that development is preferred and prioritised on brownfield and city sites.
  4. Do more to protect green areas of special value to local areas.
  5. Amend the current 5 year supply definition and allow all permissions to be counted as part of this.
  6. Accept that the expectations for the production of Local Plans in the allotted time-scale were unrealistic and allow a further period of grace to those local authorities that are still struggling to achieve this.
  7. Seriously consider the short-comings of building-by-numbers.


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