Chairman’s Message

In 2012, after the introduction of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), a number of small groups decided to get together in the hope that a louder voice would enable them to influence government policies on behalf of their communities. Community Voice of Planning was born. We are strictly an apolitical group and everyone is an unpaid volunteer. If you would like to join as an active member we would like to hear from you. We are always looking for people with special skills, such as in obtaining grants or being very au fait with modern communications via Facebook and Twitter and other social media platforms. If you think you would like to offer your help please let us know.

We recognise that many groups are fighting developments on inappropriate sites or without the necessary infrastructure. As local plans are being delayed by the red tape included in government policies, developers are being given a window of opportunity to build anywhere. We believe that local communities do not have a voice to challenge this and that greenfield and green spaces are being lost forever without thought for the long-term consequences.

If your group would like to participate as part of this alliance, or indeed if you as an individual would like to join us, then please contact us. We will add you to our database and keep you informed of our activities. We will not use your contact information for any other purpose than to notify you of CoVoP activity. Please see our Privacy Notice for further details.

We rely on donations and an occasional grant to enable us to continue our work. If you would like to make a contribution please do so via the button below:

We help groups or individuals to object to planning proposals (see the Understanding Planning section):

  • By sharing knowledge, offering support and giving non-legal advice- letting them see they are not alone.
  • giving pointers to the strongest arguments.

We try and influence the government:

  • by lobbying MPs and Ministers and seeking meetings with them.
  • by gaining publicity via printed media, radio and TV wherever and as much as possible.
  • by participating in inquiries and public consultations.

We were invited to participate in the Raynsford review. Our Chair, Cheryl Tyler gave evidence in person and CoVoP provided a response. The final report was published in November 2018.

We were invited to participate in the Rural HAPPI 4 Inquiry, Rural housing for an Ageing Population: Preserving Independence. Our Chair gave evidence in person and CoVoP provided a response. The HAPPI report and summary were published in April 2018.

Changes to the Current Planning System consultation.

Our response to the Current Planning System consultation is available here.

Planning for the Future consultation.

Our response to the Planning for the Future consultation is available here.

  1. The name of the Charitable Incorporated Organisation is Community Voice on Planning (CoVoP)
  2. The location of the principal office of CoVoP is in England.
  3. The object of CoVoP is to promote sustainable development for the benefit of the public by:

    A. The Preservation, conservation and protection of the nation’s green environment and the prudent use of resources.

    B. Enabling local communities to preserve, conserve and protect their own local green environments, whether green fields, green spaces or green belts.

    C. The promotion of sustainable means of achieving economic growth and regeneration.

    D. The advancement of the education of the public in subjects relating to sustainable development and the protection of the environment, by promoting study and research, including the dissemination of findings to the public at large.

The Full Constitution is available to download at CIO Constutution 2015.11.29