Planning Rules

The Guidance is contained in two principal documents:

National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)

National Planning Policy Guidance (NPPG)

At local level, which is where most planning decisions are made, there is a Local Plan, which is where you can discover your Local Planning Authority’s policies, and Neighbourhood Plans.


The people who make the decisions about planning are the Local Planning Authority (LPA). Every area is different, in some areas, the Planning Officer makes most of the decisions on smaller applications, known as delegated authority, but on larger applications it is the planning committee of your LPA that makes the final decision. You should be able to check the details of an application on the LPA site and you may be able to apply to speak for or against an application. You will not have a right to appeal unless you are an applicant. (Please see our FAQS page).

If you wish to object to an application, make sure that your objections are material. An explanation of this should be available on your LPA’s website, on the Planning Portal website.